About CellInterpret 1.0

Our novel software CellInterpret 1.0 is a flexible cell-image analysis and interpretation system for cell-based assays and general cell-image diagnosis tasks. It makes your image diagnosis task fully automatic. It paves your way to a fully High-Content Image Analysis Systems.

CellInterpret offers a flexible image segmentation functionality based on our novel CBR-based method. Unique feature extraction methods for the description of cells have been developed by our team and implemented into CellInterpret to serve your business in an excellent way.

Our software can be used in two modes:

  1. for Automatic Image Analysis and Diagnosis or
  2. for Knowledge Discovery.

Automatic Image Analysis and Diagnosis mode

In the Automatic Image Analysis and Diagnosis mode the software analyzes thousand of image for you without any user interaction and reports the desired decision about the cell type on display or in a reporting file. The software is fast enough to analyze mass data in short time which them to an excellent tool for High-Content Analysis.

Interfaces to the image acquisition unit as well as to the data base allow an easy intergration into your existing process flow.

Knowledge Discovery mode

In the Knowledge Discovery mode you can automatically learn formerly unknown rules for image diagnosis based on the automatically extracted image descriptions. No user interaction is necessary. The learnt knowledge can be used for automatic image analysis and interpretation in the next step without any havy reconfiguration of the system. That allows you to configure the system for different types of cell-based assays.