HEp-2 PAD©- An Automatic HEp-2 Cell Image Analysis and Diagnosis System

What is Autoantibody Diagnostic?

The analysis of autoantibodies with indirect immunofluorescence is a key technology for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases, i.e. diseases, which are characterized by immuno-reactivity of the body against its own molecular and structural components.

The detection of such autoantibodies is of significant diagnostic value, because it allows not only to identify severe rheumatic diseases but also helps to make predictions about their course and prognosis.

HEp-2 PAD Screen

Photo: Screenshot Hep-2 PAD 1.0

How to Detect Autoantibody?

The method of choice is fluorescence microscopy of HEp-2 cells.

What is the Innovation of HEp-2 PAD©?

We present a system that can automatically analyze and interpret HEp-2 cell pattern based on a digital microscopic image of these patterns.

Benefit from HEp-2 PAD©?

  • It can assist a human in his decision making.
  • It can help to work out the investigation faster and with high quality.
  • It can help to avoid the repetition of an investigation.

Benefit from HEp-2 PAD©?

The software HEp-2 PAD automatically analyzes the digital images of a HEp-2 cells, describes the cells in the image by significant image features and determines the pattern on the cells based on the image features. As the result is displayed on the terminal of the PC the name of the pattern to the physician. The system acts as an automatic decision support system to the physicians.

HEp-2 PAD Screen

Features of the Software HEp-2 PAD©

  • Image Acquisition
  • Calibration of the System to negative and positive Fluorescence
  • Image Analysis and Diagnosis
  • Automatic Decision of the HEp-2 Cell Pattern
  • Single Modus and Batch Modus
  • Excellent User Managment and Reporting System
  • Secured and structured Data Storage System


  • Operating System: Windows 98/98SE/ME or Windows NT/2000/XP
  • Processor: min. 1,8 GHz
  • Main Memory: min. 256 MB RAM


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Our Patents

Dr. Petra Perner, Verfahren und Anordnung zur automatischen Erkennung, Eigenschaftsbeschreibung und Interpretation von Hep-2 Zellmustern DE 198 01 4007-52