The ibai solutions is firm that carries out research, development, production and sale of intelligent image-interpreting systems. The company is a provider of leading technologies in automatic image analysis, image interpretation, image mining.

High-Content Analysis (HCA) with our Automatic Systems

Image-producing procedures have found their way into wide fields of medicine, biotechnology, economy and environmental analysis. With this arises the problem of the automatic mass analysis of image information. Image-interpreting systems which generate automatically the desired target statements from the images are therefore of compelling necessity. The continuation of mass analyses on the basis of the classical procedures leads to investments of proportions that are not feasible. New procedures are therefore required. The ibai solutions develops such systems on the basis of innovative procedures of machine learning, case-based reasoning (CBR) and data mining.

A highly competent team of engineers, computer scientists and mathematicians is at disposal at the ibai solutions. They have given proof of their competence by their collaboration in numerous national and international projects.

The company holds many patents for image-interpreting systems, like e.g. the only known patent at present concerning the procedure and order/arrangement/system for the automatic detection, property description and interpretation of HEp-2 cell samples, DE 198 01 4007-52.

Which Range of Performance do we offer to our Customers?

Our customers receive from us intelligent image-interpreting systems that are capable of learning for the automatic evaluation of images from their case of application.

Such a system is e.g. HEp-2 PAD, a system for the automatic evaluation of fluorescence samples on so-called Hep-2 cells. The system is based on our new procedure of image analysis and data mining. It can automatically collect knowledge from images and make them available for the self-reliant classification of HEp-2 cell samples. The result serves the doctor for detecting autoimmune diseases like rheumatism, lupus or viral illnesses.

With the help of the system the examination can be carried out more quickly, according to invariably high quality criteria and the repetition of examinations can also be avoided. The decentralized execution of laboratory jobs and the evaluation by the doctor, as well as the reproducibility, also after a long time, are considerable advantages also.

We support you in the realization of the project, beginning with the analysis of the problem, then working out the solution and the implementation of the application and finally supplying after-sales-service/customers service.

In addition we offer our customers training regarding the way of operation and handling of image-interpreting systems. Our technical support team assists you in the operation of our systems.

Where do we see the chances?

Our systems can automatically perform a mass analysis of images for your problems also and collect/gather knowledge from these data which you can apply profitably in your field of application.

The growth of our company runs parallel to the massive appearance of digital images in more and more areas and the necessity to evaluate these data automatically and rapidly.

Standardization of Microscopic Image Analysis